Jeff Stokes Checks PC Performance with the ADK

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Richard talks to PFE Jeff Stokes about the Microsoft Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK). The ADK is a web installer that pulls together a bunch of free tools from Microsoft that can help you understand how PCs are performing. Jeff talks about the Assessment Toolkit, which is a small app that can run on a PC and determine problems with drivers such as memory leaks, as well as whether or not a better video card would improve browser performance. Also mentioned in the show is KB 2775511, which is a roll up for 90 hotfixes for Windows 7 SP1 and Server 2008 R2 SP1 that can significantly improve performance and reliability. It's recommended for everyone, but doesn't show up in Windows Update - you have to go get it from the Windows Update Catalog. Finally, the conversation also digs into risk assessments done by PFE, and Jeff brings up a video on the new Risk Assessment As a Service. Check it out!

Jeff Stokes has been in the IT industry for 17 years, initially cutting his teeth at DEC and climbing the system administrator ladder from there. He is currently a Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, prior to that he worked in the Escalation queues for Exchange Server at Microsoft as a Senior Support Escalation Engineer. He posts to the blog "Dude Where's My PFE?", the Microsoft Premier Field Engineers page on Facebook, and as well.

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