Getting Started Using Azure with Rick Claus

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Thinking about getting into Azure? Now is a great time! Rick Claus talks to Richard about how Azure continues to evolve making more entry points at lower levels of friction for a larger variety of customers. The conversation ranges over using Azure for disaster recovery, for application elasticity, building hybrid solutions with parts in the cloud and parts on-premise, and more! Want a VM in the cloud? Azure can do that too. Rick runs down the gamut of options for the IT Pro to get Azure into your organization one step at a time.

Rick Claus engages with the worldwide Technical Community on behalf of Microsoft. As a Sr. Technical Evangelist, Rick's role is to support platform awareness for Windows Server and Windows Azure through special events targeting the broad community. Technical areas of expertise from his 20+ years of experience in the IT Industry include: Windows Server, core infrastructure services, Virtualization technologies of all kinds, systems management and "cloud" ;-) Unofficially, Rick is focused on spreading his enthusiasm, passion and excitement on all things technical to anyone who has the time for a coffee (or pint) and a chat (in English or fran├žais - naturellement).

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