No More IPv4 with Ed Horley

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Well, that's it - ARIN is out of IPv4 addresses. Richard chats with Ed Horley who has been warning of this day for a number of years now. So what does it really mean? No, the internet isn't going to stop working. Ed talks about how much IPv6 is already going on - some ISPs have double-digit adoption already! And certain marketplaces need it the most, such as smartphones. There are billions of smartphones, and the Internet of Things looks to bring many more billions of devices online as well... we need IPv6! The time is now!

Ed Horley is the Vice President of Engineering at Groupware Technology in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the author of Practical IPv6 for Windows Administrators from Apress and is the Co-Chair of the California IPv6 Task Force. Ed has presented at numerous conferences on IPv6 and you can catch him this year presenting at Interop in Las Vegas and Cisco Live in San Diego. He maintains a blog at and you can find him on twitter at @ehorley.

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