The DevOps Handbook with Gene Kim

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The DevOps Handbook is finally released! Richard chats with the one-and-only Gene Kim about the five years of effort that have gone into making the DevOps handbook. Gene talks about how the Handbook was supposed to come out before the Phoenix project, but as the scope of the book grew, they realized it needed more time. The benefit of time has been a ton of case studies and great detailed evidence of how automating workflows, instrumenting systems deeply and a culture of experimentation leads to better applications, happier employees and customers, and a better business all around. You need to read this book!

Gene Kim is the author of The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps and Helping Your Business Win. He's been studying high performing IT organizations since 1999 and was the founder and CTO of TripWire, Inc for 13 years, a $100M/year enterprise security software company.

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