Windows Terminal with Richard Turner

About Show #645

Is it time for a new Windows Terminal? Richard talks to Richard Turner about the announcement at Build of the new Windows Terminal. The conversation starts with: Why? Richard explains that the ConHost.exe based console of Windows has hit its limits - the need for backward compatibility exceeds the ability to make changes to it effectively anymore. A new open source project has been developed to allow all the features you've always wanted in a terminal, like tabs, font choices, customization per environment and more - take a look!

Rich returned to Microsoft in 2016 to help make the Windows Command-Line AWESOME. He helped launch, drive, and grow the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). He’s also been heavily involved in the overhaul and modernization of the Windows Console and Command-Line, and in creation of the recently announced Windows Terminal - a modern, open-source Terminal application for Windows command-line users … finally! ??

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