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Show #378 | 7/23/2014 (32 minutes)
The Next Windows with Stephen Rose

Richard chats with Stephen Rose about how Windows has continued evolving with some thoughts on what future versions might look like. Windows 8 brought the tablet to the Microsoft space, and with it a chance to explore how different form factors fit into the enterprise. Stephen talks about the cool kinds of retail projects he's working with that are taking advantage of these form factors. This naturally leads to a discussion about what new features might look like, how the experience can continue to be improved, managing more devices, more portable identity and configuration, and whole new areas of work. Lots of interesting thoughts on the future of Windows!

Stephen Rose Stephen Rose is the Sr Product Marketing Manager for Windows and Devices in Retail. Before joining Microsoft he spent 10 years as IT Consultant working with Fortune 500 companies as well as a speaker at IT and Developer conferences worldwide. He is a MCSE, MCT and well as a two time MVP.

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