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Show #326 | 7/24/2013 (36 minutes)
Building the Culture of DevOps with Steven Murawski

Richard chats with Steven Murawski about building a DevOps culture at your organization. The conversation talks about the fundamentals of DevOps, digging into bringing operations and developers closer together to be able to iterate on features more rapidly - as Steve says, it's about deploying small changes more frequently. Steven refers to a .NET Rocks episode with Jez Humble about Continuous Delivery as well as a RunAs Radio episode with Jeffrey Snover on DevOps. Want to get going on DevOps? Check out the Server Fault blog and Steven's blog.

Steven Murawski Steven is a SysAdmin on the technical staff for StackExchange (operators of great Q&A sites like ServerFault and StackOverflow) and a Microsoft MVP in PowerShell. Steve also leads two local user groups, the Greater Milwaukee IT Pro User Community and the Greater Milwaukee Script Club. He speaks regularly to local user groups and can be found at various conferences.

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