Phil Peery On the Powers and Pitfalls of 64 Bit Operating Systems!

About Show #117

Richard and Greg talk to Phil Peery of Microsoft's Premier Field Engineering team about 64 bit operating systems. Phil also talks extensively about the /3GB switch for 32 bit operating systems - a tricky switch that has to be handled carefully. The discussion also digs into running 32 bit apps on 64 bit operating systems.


Phil Peery is a member of the Microsoft Premier Field Engineering group's New York Metro area team, and has been with the company for 5 1/2 years. Phil is an Active Directory, Windows Platforms, and Performance engineer, and provides Microsoft customers with services such as ADRAP's, and teaches a number of Workshops including Active Directory Troubleshooting and Windows 2008 Networking. Passionate about delivering the message on 64 bit Windows and Windows 2008, Phil has been instrumental in driving the development of Windows 2008 Chalk Talks, delivering the talks to many customers in the NY Area, showing the value and new features of the Windows 2008 server platform.

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