Daniel Nerenberg Gets Services from Microsoft Online!

About Show #122

Richard and Greg talk to Daniel Nerenberg about Microsoft Online Services. Microsoft Online Services include Exchange, Sharepoint, Office Communicator and more. These are cloud services - you buy them by the user and month. Daniel digs into the advantages of using online services as well as the integration and migration challenges.


Daniel Nerenberg is an MCT, MCSE, MCITP, and an IT Strategy Advisor based in Montreal. He is also the President of the Montreal IT pro user group (www.mitpro.ca). Daniel is passionate about technology and the amazing problems that can be solved with its application. Driven by the desire to see cool technology bring people together in global and local communities he is always driven to learning about the next big thing. Daniel has had the honour of receiving the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for 2007 and 2008. Daniel has written and consulted on the topics of Windows Deployment, Application virtualization, and Windows infrastructure. Daniel Also writes regular updates for "The Lazy Admin" Tech guidance website. (www.thelazyadmin.com)

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