Bhargav Shukla Goes Deep on Exchange 2010 High Availability and Resiliency!

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Bhargav is back! Richard and Greg talk to Bhargav Shukla about the High Availability features of Exchange 2010. Bhargav digs into the substantial changes in the high availability and "mailbox resiliency" capabilities in Exchange, including the idea that you can today build a web-farm-like Exchange architecture with inexpensive hardware.


Bhargav Shukla is a Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft. Always fascinated by computers, he is by education a civil engineer.

In his 14 years of IT experience, he has had the opportunity to work on a multitude of technologies including messaging, directory services, information security, virtualization and more.

Bhargav has industry certifications from Microsoft, VMWare, RSA and Citrix.

When he's not working with enterprise clients, Bhargav contributes to the TechNet forums and blogs about Exchange at


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