Rhonda Layfield Deploys Everything!

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Richard and Greg talk to Rhonda Layfield about deployment technologies made by Microsoft. There's a variety of them, and Rhonda goes over the collage of acronyms including WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit), MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit), WDS (Windows Deployment Service), DDPS (Desktop Deployment Planning Services) and SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager). Check out Rhonda's Deployment Doctor web site at http://www.deploymentdr.com/ and her upcoming book on deployment, published by Sybex should be out the June/July 2010 timeframe.


Rhonda has been in the IT industry for 27 years beginning with 7 years in the US Navy as a communications specialist with a top secret clearance. Since then she has worked with large utility companies owning nuclear power plants as their Sr. Security Analyst and contracted to Microsoft PSS networking group. She is an international speaker who specializes in Microsoft's new deployment tools and Network Monitor. She enjoys showing you how to quickly and cheaply roll out thousands of desktop and Server OSes and troubleshoot them if they fail. With her two day hands on class she will walk you through all the Microsoft deployment tools so you can decide for yourself which is right for your environment. She is currently an NT/2000/2003 MCSE, Setup & Deployment MVP and Desktop Deployment Product Specialist (DDPS). She contributes articles to and Windows IT Pro magazine and has co-authored two books, one on Windows Server 2003 and another on Windows Server 2008.

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