Robert Crane Manages Sharepoint 2010!

About Show #152

Richard and Greg talk to Robert Crane from the Computer Information Agency in Sydney Australia about Sharepoint 2010. The show digs into the issues that companies face when using Sharepoint without careful governance to manage their data well. Check out Microsoft's Sharepoint Governance Resource Center for more information.


Robert has a degree in Electrical Engineering as well as Masters of Business Administration. He is also a Small Business Specialist and Microsoft Certified SharePoint Professional. Robert has over 15 years of IT experience in a variety of fields and positions, including working on Wall St in New York. He was the co-founder of Saturn Alliance an IT systems integration business in Sydney, Australia. He continues his involvement with information technology as the Principal of the Computer Information Agency.

Apart from resolving client technical issues, Robert continues to present at seminars locally and internationally (SMB Nation 2008, 2009), as well as write on a number for topics for the Computer Information Agency. Robert has been President of the SMBITprocommunity in Sydney since 2009. He also develops and presents technology courses on a regular basis through local community colleges. Robert is committed to a process of ongoing business and technical education to continue developing the skills required to assist clients with their business challenges.


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