Amy Babinchuk Deals with Security in EBS!

About Show #154

Richard and Greg talk to Amy Babinchuk about Essential Business Server (EBS). Amy digs into the challenges of setting up EBS's Threat Management Gateway with an existing firewall and how Feature Pack 1 addresses those problems. The conversation also delves into the issues around integrating EBS into an existing environment, including using the Microsoft IT Environment Health Scanner to make sure your existing infrastructure is healthy enough to add EBS too successfully. The health scanner is a must have for any environment!


Amy Babinchak is owner of Harbor Computer Services a local small business specialist in Michigan founded in 1999 as an MSP. She is also Managing Partner of Third Tier, a company that provides advanced support to IT professionals and consulting firms. In addition to supporting her staff and keeping both business growing, she finds time to teach ISA to 4th year B.S. students at a local college, organizes or presents 2 or more webcasts a month, keep two blogs rolling, participates in many technical newsgroups and squeezes in some technical writing when the opportunity presents itself.

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