Eriq Neale Puts Macs in Active Directory!

About Show #156

Richard and Greg talk to Eriq Neale about mixing Apple Macs and PCs in networks. The conversation digs into how Macs can access file shares in Windows network. There are even options for allowing Macs to log into Active Directory and with some third party tools, some group policy can be pushed onto a Mac. Eriq also talks about printers, virus scanning and the effects of BootCamp and Parallels for Mac.


Eriq Oliver Neale is a small business technology specialist based in Denton, Texas. He was the lead author for two books on Small Business Server and a contributor to a number of other technical publications. Eriq has been helping to prepare IT Professionals for supporting Small Business Server 2008 through conference and user group presentations, as well as through the monthly SBS 2008 webinars hosted by Third Tier. Eriq maintains two blogs and has a weekly internet radio program on small business technology that has been running Since October 2005. Eriq has also been recognized as an MVP for Small Business Server since 2006.

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