David Lowe Guides Us to the Windows Server 2008 Core!

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David Lowe of the Windows Server Team talks to us about Windows Server 2008 Core installation. The Core installation removes most of the GUI, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer and other overhead of the operating system that you don't need for a remote access server. The result is a server with an 80% smaller footprint in diskspace and substantially less memory consumed.


David Lowe is Group Product Manager for Windows Server with Microsoft Corporation. In this role, he looks after product management for Internet Information Services and Windows Web Server. David has been with Microsoft since 2001, and in this time he has managed Developer and IT Professional portfolios for Microsoft Learning, led the company's Security Guidance Training efforts, and driven planning for the Windows Server 2008 launch. Prior to joining Microsoft, David was Senior Lecturer in Internet Technologies at the Centre for Advanced Technology Training in Dublin, Ireland, where he specialized in Web development and XML. David holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University College, Dublin, and he is the author of "BizTalk Server: The Complete Reference", published by Osborne-McGraw Hill.

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