Don Farmer Still Does Business Intelligence!

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Richard and Greg talk to Donald Farmer about his new role over at QlikView. Don spent ten years working on Business Intelligence technologies at Microsoft and now has taken his experiences into QlikView and their business analytic products. Don also digs into how business analytics has evolved, reducing the cost of systems and making BI 'disposable' - low cost, agile and easily replaceable. Towards the end of the show, Don tells some great BI stories of different companies taking advantage of their BI systems.


Donald Farmer is the QlikView Product Advocate, working with customers and partners to establish QlikView as the leading solution for Business Discovery. Donald has over twenty years experience in analytics and data management. In that time he has worked as a consultant, in startups and as a leader of Microsoft's BI product teams. He is a speaker at many international events on business intelligence, data integration and data management, blogger, and author of several books. In addition to his career in Business Intelligence, Donald has worked in fields as diverse as fish-farming and archaeology. He is also a guest professor at SouthWestern University in Chongqing, China, and advises on several academic boards. He lives near Seattle in an experimental woodland house, with his wife Alison, an artist.

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