Steve Syfuhs Makes Development Easier with ADFS!

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Richard talks to Steve Syfuhs at TechDays Toronto about IT Pros providing security services for developers using Active Directory Federated Services. IT and development talking to each other willingly? Perish the thought! But in truth, Steve makes it clear that ADFS provides a great wrapper for developers to access active directory or any other service that has security claims that an application might require. Azure depends on it, even Office 365 can take advantage of ADFS. Steve discusses how IT can work with developers to make the jobs of both groups easier.


Steve Syfuhs is a bit of a Renaissance Kid when it comes to technology. Part developer, part IT Pro, part Security Consultant working for ObjectSharp. Steve spends most of his time in the security stack with special interests in Identity and Federation. He recently received a Microsoft MVP award in Developer Security.

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