Mike Jones Implements IPv6 at Home!

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Richard talks to Mike Jones about implementing IPv6 at home. After listening to RunAs Episode 205 about IPv6, Mike set about to get himself ready for World IPv6 day. Mike talks about discovering what his ISP (Comcast) was doing for IPv6, and how you can implement IPv6 in your network with or without ISP support. He almost mentions two key resources - one is knowledge base article 929852 on configuring IPv6 features in Windows. The other is the IPv6 test site so you can evaluate how your set up is working. Mike also blogs about his experiences with IPv6. June 6 2012 is World IPv6 Launch Day - are you ready?


Mike Jones has over 20 years experience in software design, implementation, and load testing, spanning everything from commercial software to large scale enterprise products, he enjoys getting down and dirty with the latest technology. Mike has many years of experience with .NET, SQL Server, networks, and SANs. And for the past 16 years has been building software for the regulated healthcare market at GE Healthcare. Over the years he has learned that Scrum makes everything better. Mike calls Vermont home and enjoys photography and long drives, with a goal to visit all US National Parks.

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