Stephen Rose Puts Surface in the Enterprise!

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During the US Thanksgiving break of the .NET Rocks Visual Studio 2012 Road Trip, Richard chatted with Stephen Rose about the new generation of Windows 8 tablets being deployed into the Enterprise. Stephen talks about the differences between Windows 8 RT and Windows 8 Pro and the strengths and weaknesses of each in the enterprise. He also suggests that we not focus solely on Surface devices - that there are lots of great third party hardware out there as well with their own unique advantages. Is it time for surface in the enterprise?


Since 2009 Stephen has lead technical product marketing for a wide variety of products including Windows, Surface, Office 365 and OneDrive. He now is responsible for marketing and storytelling for the Microsoft 365 team which brings his career full circle. Stephen holds over 20 technical certifications and been certified since Windows NT 4.0 and (sadly) still remembers what an IRQ is. In 2015 he was awarded to the Microsoft Platinum Circle of Excellence. Follow him @stephenlrose on Twitter

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