Dan Rosanova Does Hadoop on Azure!

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For the first show on 2013, Richard chats with Dan Rosanova about big data in the Microsoft space. While the conversation starts out speaking about big data in general, Don focuses in on Hadoop, an open source distributed data manipulation technology that Microsoft has adopted in a big way. Hadoop specializes in doing MapReduce across massive numbers of machines, and if you don't have that many machines, you can always use the cloud. Check out Windows Azure HDInsight for the simplest way to get Hadoop running on Azure. And don't worry if you think you need to run on premise, the SQL Server team is there with Microsoft Big Data. Happy New Year!


Dan Rosanova is a three-time Microsoft BizTalk Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with over fourteen years of experience delivering solutions on Microsoft and Solaris platforms in the financial services, insurance, banking, telecommunications, and logistics industries, where he has specialized in high volume and low latency distributed applications. Dan has extensive experience with WCF, .NET, XML, web services, and queuing technologies. His recent focus has been on evolutionary computation, Advanced Message Queue Protocol (AMQP), Hadoop, and GPU computing. Dan is the author of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Patterns Packt Publishing, UK. Dan is a senior architect in the Technology Integration practice at West Monroe Partners, an international, full-service business and technology consulting firm focused on guiding organizations through projects that fundamentally transform their business.

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