Jeff Stokes Checks PC Performance with the ADK

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Richard talks to PFE Jeff Stokes about the Microsoft Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK). The ADK is a web installer that pulls together a bunch of free tools from Microsoft that can help you understand how PCs are performing. Jeff talks about the Assessment Toolkit, which is a small app that can run on a PC and determine problems with drivers such as memory leaks, as well as whether or not a better video card would improve browser performance. Also mentioned in the show is KB 2775511, which is a roll up for 90 hotfixes for Windows 7 SP1 and Server 2008 R2 SP1 that can significantly improve performance and reliability. It's recommended for everyone, but doesn't show up in Windows Update - you have to go get it from the Windows Update Catalog. Finally, the conversation also digs into risk assessments done by PFE, and Jeff brings up a video on the new Risk Assessment As a Service. Check it out!


Jeff Stokes has been in the IT industry since 1995, initially starting at DEC and climbing the system administration ladder from there. He is currently a Director of Technical Account Management at Tanium, prior to that he worked as a platforms PFE in Microsoft Premier Field Engineering. He posts to the blog and is a somewhat active Redditor.

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