Building the Culture of DevOps with Steven Murawski

About Show #326

Richard chats with Steven Murawski about building a DevOps culture at your organization. The conversation talks about the fundamentals of DevOps, digging into bringing operations and developers closer together to be able to iterate on features more rapidly - as Steve says, it's about deploying small changes more frequently. Steven refers to a .NET Rocks episode with Jez Humble about Continuous Delivery as well as a RunAs Radio episode with Jeffrey Snover on DevOps. Want to get going on DevOps? Check out the Server Fault blog and Steven's blog.


Steven is a Principal Engineer on the Community Engineering team at CHEF and a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP. Steven is active in the Chef, PowerShell, and DevOps communities, locally and online. Prior to arriving at CHEF, Steven was a sysadmin for Microsoft focused infrastructures - most notably at Stack Overflow, where he pioneered the use of Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration on Windows Server operating systems.

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