Identity Security with David Jones

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Richard chats with David Jones about identity security. The conversation starts out talking about the wonders of Single Sign On, followed by the horrors - the security exploits that can and do occur. David sites the Mandiant Security Report for more info on the exploits taking place. From there, David talks about using multi-factor authentication and the potential risks, as per the xckd on security. As we get more serious about managing identity, the idea of outsourcing to companies like PingIdentity is discussed. What's the best way to get identity right?


David Jones is a Senior Security Architect for Cisco’s Information Security team leading technical security strategy in IT and across the enterprise. In this roll he is responsible for the creation and implementation of security policies. The focus of his current position is to mitigate risk by preventing security breaches. David is responsible for protecting Cisco employees, partner and customer identities as well as enabling Cisco products to do the same for Cisco’s customers. He is leading multiple Identity initiatives across the company. These include integration of identity technologies into Cisco products, securing Cisco’s Cloud services offerings as well as federating Cisco employee access to the Cloud. Has a patent pending for network access product innovation.

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