The Accidental DBA with Erin Stellato

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Richard chats with Erin Stellato about being an accidental DBA. What's an accidental DBA? It's the guy who was standing closest to the SQL Server when the last guy quit! Erin talks about the key things that you need to know to handle the basic care and feeding of a SQL Server. The conversation digs into understanding what you have, how you back it up (and restore it), simple things to keep your databases healthy and knowing when to call for help. You don't have to be a DBA to do things right!


Erin is a Principal Consultant with SQLskills and a Data Platform MVP. In addition to helping customers, she’s one of the instructors for the SQLskills Immersion Events, with a focus on teaching new DBAs the essentials in IE0, and talking about tuning and troubleshooting in IEPTO2. Erin is an active member of the SQL Server community both as a speaker and volunteer, and lives outside Cleveland, OH with her family.

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