Talking DevOps with Hal Rottenberg

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What happens when a podcast host talks to another podcast host? You get confused about who is interviewing who. Hal Rottenberg from the PowerScripting podcast chats with Richard about DevOps - and the conversation travels all over the spectrum on the topic. Where is the DevOps movement really at? Is this something we all should be doing? Is it developer-centric or operations-centric? How do you actually get better, and how do you get your whole organization to get better as well? Fun conversation with Hal!


Hal works for Splunk in their technical business development organization as an architect creating integrations between Splunk and their partners. His work involves the marriage of big data with IT Operations, and his focus is on datacenter infrastructure pieces such as enterprise storage and unified computing. Somehow, he still finds time for a weekly podcast about PowerShell (the PowerScripting Podcast), and blogging and speaking at user groups and trade shows. Hal has been a PowerShell MVP more than five years.

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