Building Boxstarter with Matt Wrock

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Richard chats with Matt Wrock about the power of for building and configuring PCs quickly. The conversation starts out talking about what Boxstarter can do for you - automate the installation of software and patches. Boxstarter depends on Chocolatey and PowerShell 2. Everything is public, if you'd like a private version, you should check out MyGet for a private configuration. Check it out!


Matt Wrock has been Programming professionally for the past 15 years. The majority of this time was in the online advertising space in Southern California where he lead the development of high traffic Display Advertising and Domain Parking systems serving multiple millions of page views of unwanted content every day. In 2010, Matt was ready for a change and moved to Washington State to work as a Sr. Software engineer for Microsoft. Matt is now trying to absolve himself of the countless popups and tacky landing pages he helped to provide by contributing to open source and helping Microsoft provide great products in Visual Studio Cloud Services. Matt has started open source projects such as RequestReduce for web optimization and to make repaving a machine a painless experience. Matt has also made significant contributions to Chocolatey and created the Powershell Mocking functionality for Pester, a Powershell unit testing framework.

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