SQL 2014 Panel with the SQL Team at SQL Intersection

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Recorded in front of a live audience at SQL Intersection in Orlando, Florida, this panel discussion focuses on the new features in SQL 2014. The panelists are all Microsoft engineering folks, deeply involved in creating SQL 2014. The discussion does NOT focus on Hekaton, but rather all the other cool performance and reliability enhancements coming in SQL 2014. Okay, there's a little Hekaton.


Jos de Bruijn is a Senior Program Manager in the SQL Server Database Systems team. He is working on the Hekaton project, which brings the In-Memory OLTP database technology to SQL Server. Currently his main focus is on T-SQL surface area and transaction semantics for Hekaton memory optimized tables and natively compiled stored procedures. In a previous life, he obtained a PhD in knowledge representation and semantic web technology, and worked in academia for several years as an assistant professor.

Evgeny Krivosheev has worked in the computer industry for more than 20 years, 7 of those at Microsoft. He is currently a Program Manager in SQL Server Cloud Infrastructure team working on features of SQL Server that are related to the IaaS, on-premises, and hybrid environments. The features include recent changes to SSMS like Deploy Database to a Windows Azure VM, manageability changes to SQL PowerShell, or on-premises performance features like Buffer Pool Extension.

Shep Sheppard is a Senior Program Manager and Customer Lab Manager for AzureCAT (Customer Advisory Team) and has been with CAT for two years and with Microsoft for eight years. Before joining the CAT team, he spent a number of years as a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft working primarily in the large enterprise space and with many Fortune 100s. As such, his focus has been working with customers pushing the limits of SQL Server on premise and in the Cloud. Over the last few years, Shep's primary focus has been on SQL Server performance and working with customers as part of the SQL Server 2014 Technology Adoption Program (TAP).

Mike Zwilling is currently a principal architect in Microsoft's Database Platform Group working on high performance in-memory transaction processing technology for SQL Server - aka Hekaton. The Hekaton project derives from technology developed by an advanced development team Mike led for 18 months exploring how SQL Server should adapt to hardware changes such as many-core, large main memories, non-volatile RAM, etc. Before that Mike, was the development manager for teams covering storage, transactions, recovery, security and transactional messaging in SQL Server. Mike joined Microsoft as a developer in the SQL Server product team in 1995, to work on the SQL Server 7.0 product where he had the opportunity to implement major components of the database storage engine. Prior to joining Microsoft, he worked in the database research group at the University of Wisconsin, developing database storage engines that formed the foundations of research projects (EXODUS and SHOR) and were incorporated into commercial products. He holds a Master of Computer Science degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and a Bachelor of Science from Purdue University - Indianapolis.

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