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Richard chats with Microsoft PFE Mike O'Neill about his work with customers using large scale Exchange sites. Mike is one of the contributors to You had Me at EHLO, the Exchange team blog site. The conversation digs into how Exchange 2013 is the most Powershell-centric version of Exchange yet... you really need to know it! Mike talks about the efficiency and scriptability of Exchange and Powershell, as well as the migration path from Exchange on-premise to Exchange in the Cloud.


Mike endeavors to empower engineers as much as possible with sharing of information and overall IT knowledge. He is currently a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer (PFE) focusing on Exchange and Active Directory. With ongoing delivers of Active Directory and Exchange Risk Assessment Programs, and Exchange workshops including: Exchange PowerShell, Administration and troubleshooting, Migration courses, and the O365: Exchange Administration and Configuration course. He is continually looking for new methods to help improve IT engineer’s efficiency and knowledge about Exchange and AD. Mike is also a contributing editor to the Exchange Team Blog site (eHelo) and occasional posts to his general TechNet blog

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