Providing Self-Service using Azure Pack with Damian Flynn

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Richard talks to Damian Flynn about Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server and Service Management Automation. Big confusing names for a really simple concept - how do we bring self-service to the users of our infrastructure? The discussion starts out around the idea of service management automation, using tools to make your IT systems more service-centric, allowing people to provision and utilize infrastructure on demand. This leads to a conversation on Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server (WAP) - terrible name, but accurate. WAP is all about making Microsoft Azure tooling available in your own infrastructure. While it can stand on it's own, WAP also works well with various components of System Center including Configuration Manager, Operations Manager, Virtual Machine Manager and Orchestrator. This looks to be the best way to bring self-service to your company!


Damian Flynn, a Microsoft MVP for System Center and Datacenter, is the Infrastructure Technical Architect for Lionbridge Technologies (a localization, logo-certification, search and content-services company and Microsoft Certified Gold Partner). Damian works closely with the business stakeholders, IT team and partners, while also incubating new projects. His current focus is on Software Defined Networks (SDN) with Windows Azure Pack, with perspective on Orchestration of repeatable processes in DevOps scenarios. He has a keen interest in Cloud Computing from both a business strategy and technical viewpoint and presents sessions on building and managing Private/Hybrid Clouds at a number of industry events. Damian is a co-author of multiple books focusing on MS Cloud solutions, is active in many MS Programs, blogs at &, tweets at @damian_flynn, and has published a number of white papers and technical articles related to the Cloud OS.

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