Multifactor Authentication with Dana Epp

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Richard chats with Dana Epp about multi-factor authentication. The conversation starts out with some definition around multi-factor authentication - something you know and something you have. Most of the time, the thing you know is your user name and password. Dana digs into authenticating using the most common thing you have, the smartphone. Tools like Twilio can help you bring text messaging to your system. Beyond the phone, there are dedicated devices like YubiKey that provide a different thing you have. The battle of better identity has been going on for some time, Dana mentions Dick Hart's amazing identity keynote from Oscon 2005.


Dana Epp is a serial entrepreneur who founded several security-based software companies that have gone public or sold through acquisition. He has a passion for the startup growth mindset and believes that there aren't challenges in every opportunity, but opportunities in every challenge. Everything is impossible until someone does it. Dana has spent the last 25 years focusing on software security and has been awarded the recognition and designation by Microsoft as an Enterprise Security MVP for the past fourteen years. These past few years he was also awarded for his Azure experience in Cloud and Datacenter Management, and was appointed as a Microsoft Regional Director. He travels regularly between his homes in Vancouver, British Columbia and Las Vegas, Nevada. When not working or touring around the world to speak about information security and security engineering, you can find Dana engaging as an Azure Advisor with Microsoft offering suggestions, guidance and recommendations to Microsoft's Azure strategy around technologies like cloud identity and security, containerization and serverless computing.

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