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Richard chats with David Tesar about DevOps for the Microsoft-oriented IT Pro. DevOps has been a big thing in the Linux/Open Source community for the past few years, and it's starting to really resonate in the Microsoft world also. David focuses on the core ideals of DevOps - that it is first and foremost of culture of building better systems faster. Resist the tools and focus on the people! Not that tools don't have a role, but without culture, the tools can't help you. David has a blog post of IT Pro Learning Resources that points to other interviews, conference sessions and a Microsoft Virtual Academy course on getting started with DevOps. Check 'em out!


David Tesar (also see my page) started out his tenure at Microsoft in July 2002 as Support Escalation Engineer for networking and directory services in Texas, moved to a role as a Premier Field Engineer in WA, and since 2007 works as a Technical Evangelist for the worldwide Developer Platform Evangelism (DPE) team based in Redmond, WA. David works closely with MS product teams to “share the good news” of IT Pro relevant software through creation of technical content, speaking at various Microsoft and industry-sponsored events, shooting hundreds of video interviews, leading the weekly Edge Show with monthly episodes on DevOps, and working on projects directly with customers. Areas of technical focus as an evangelist have included Forefront security products, Internet Explorer, Office 365, Windows Intune, Windows Server, System Center, and Microsoft Azure. DevOps is currently David’s focus, working with customers and internal development teams who create various applications primarily built on Microsoft Azure. Outside of work you can find David spending time with his family, running a non-profit eXtreme Sport Christians (XSC), and enjoying extreme sports like snowboarding, wakeboarding, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

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