Security Global Policy with Alan Burchill

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Richard talks to Alan Burchill about the security aspects of Group Policy Preferences - good and bad! Alan reminds us all about where Group Policy Preferences came from, as an acquisition by Microsoft, and opened the door to reduce or eliminate login scripts, but only when it has sufficient privileges. And how do you do that? By embedding passwords! We all know that's a bad thing, so Alan walks through what is safe and what isn't safe in Group Policy Preferences, and gets you thinking about how to reduce your attack surface by using tools like Metasploit to hack yourself. Check out Alan's Group Policy Central web site for more information.


Alan Burchill has been working in the IT industry for over 10 years focusing on Microsoft centric solutions where he has worked for and consulted for large multi-national companies and government agencies. Alan has extensive experience with implementing and designing group policy for corporate server and desktop SOE's. He has been a speaker at Microsoft TechEd Australia where he talked about implementing and using Group Policy. Alan has also developed and deployed Microsoft security patching strategies for desktop and server fleets.

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