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Richard talks to Sean Kearney about his work with PowerShell, including being one of the honorary Scripting Guys - including the fellow who makes the crazy Holiday Special songs and events. Sean digs into how PowerShell is penetrating all aspects of operations, including working in the cloud, specifically Azure. And PowerShell isn't just for migrations to Azure, it can handle a ton of administrative tasks, so you can automate and make them more reliable. Isn't that why you moved to the cloud in the first place?


One day a little boy looked up at his Dad and said, "I'm going to be an Architect like you!" Fortunately for the rest of the world his dream morphed into designing technology solutions instead. Sean deals with all Microsoft technologies in his present day job including Azure and Office 365 but his main axe is Windows PowerShell, with which he’ll happily pull the whole thing together in one script if they’ll let him. He is one of the first Honorary Scripting Guys, a Windows PowerShell MVP and is in the midst of writing his fifth Holiday Special for Microsoft's own "Scripting Guys" website. He presently works for Cistel Technology Inc, a Microsoft Gold Partner in Ottawa and still thinks digital watches are a pretty neat idea. Even with all the computer junk he has collected over the years, his wife still loves him for some bizarre reason.

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