AppX and AppV with Steve Thomas

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Richard talks to Steve Thomas about AppV and AppX. AppV is short for Application Virtualization, a huge growth area of virtualization, providing tools to allow you to encapsulate applications to simplify deployment and configuration - or to not deploy them at all and allow them to run remotely. Steve talks about AppX, based on the Open Packaging Conventions (OPC) that helps to define application configuration and deployment requirements which at this point is focused on Windows 8.1 Store Apps. Beyond AppV is User Experience Virtualization, on the way to full Desktop Virtualization. How far will you go?


Steve is a Senior Consultant working for Microsoft Enterprise Services in the overall specialty areas of client solutions and deployment with a focus on desktop, application, and user state virtualization as well as application compatibility. His expertise in desktop virtualization spans both client-hosted and server-hosted infrastructures (VDI.) Has worked with both the SMB market as well as large enterprise networking environments. Considered to be one of the top world-wide technical SME's in App-V, MED-V, Server App-V, UE-V, and Application Compatibility. Prior to working in Enterprise Services at Microsoft, Steve worked in Premier support and was part of the App-V 4.5 and 4.6 betas, the MED-V 1.0 and 2.0 betas, and briefly the UE-V 1.0 beta.

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