George Morbargha on Distributed File Systems!

About Show #40

Replacing a failed recording from Tech Ed Barcelona, Richard and Greg talk to George Morbargha about Microsoft's Distributed File System (DFS). George works with Brocade who develops a set of tools called StorageX for managing DFS.


As a Senior Solutions Architect, File Area Networking (FAN) at Brocade, George Mobargha is responsible for assisting customers with their FAN technology evaluations, design, and implementations. Prior to Brocade, George worked at Lehman Brothers as a Storage Architect where he was responsible for NAS design and implementation as well as SAN administration. Before joining Lehman Brothers, George worked for MCI WorldCom as a Senior Architect where he managed the European Enterprise Operations and was responsible for the rollout of Windows infrastructure across all of Europe. George has held IT management roles in the following additional companies: American Power Conversion, SCC Elcom, Computer Associates, and Banque Indosuez. George has earned MCSE accreditation, is a frequent speaker at international industry conferences, and has published multiple articles on file virtualization and Microsoft DFS namespace management in trade publications.

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