Sony, North Korea and Cyberwarfare with Troy Hunt

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It's New Years Eve, time to get scared! Troy Hunt is back and talking about the evolving story that is the Sony hack involving North Korea. The show was recorded on Dec 22 2014, after hackers had threatened movie theaters with "9/11 style attacks" if they showed the movie "The Interview", which was deemed derogatory to the North Korean government. What happens next? Are we entering a new period of cyber warfare? What can we as IT professionals do to protect our companies and customers from these kinds of attacks?


Troy Hunt is a Pluralsight author, Microsoft Regional Director and MVP and a world-renowned internet security specialist. He spends his time travelling the world speaking and running workshops where he teaches developers how to break into their own systems before helping to piece them back together to be secure against today’s online threats. He’s also the creator of “Have I been pwned?”, the free online service for breach monitoring and notifications. Troy regularly blogs at from his home on the Gold Coast in Australia.

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