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How secure is your data? Richard talks to Simon Sabin about securing your databases and making sure you know they're actually secure. The conversation digs into various aspects of security including access control, restricting permissions and effective record keeping. Audits don't have to be the enemy, they're also the best proof that you've protected your data, and help point out when you haven't! With all the stories out in the world about data breaches, isn't it a good time to start really thinking about data security? Check out Simon's SQLBits session about not becoming the next Sony in the links below!


Simon runs a small company that focuses on helps companies build better data systems. Having worked in IT for almost 20 years Simons renewed focus is on helping teams engineer systems. Implementing agile processes, ensuring quality with sound testing practices, delivering value through continuous Integration, and end to end responsibility with a dev ops culture. Having worked in the different finance sectors Simon brings a huge amount of knowledge about security and compliance which are often the stumbling blocks when trying to adopt some of the newer engineering practices. Simon’s experience enables him to educate teams and auditors on how to meet their security and compliance requirements whilst still having the benefits of agile development, continuous integration and a dev ops practice. Simon blogs at

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