PowerShell Past and Future with Lee Holmes

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Where did PowerShell come from and where is it going? Richard chats with Principle Software Engineer Lee Holmes about his experiences building PowerShell, going all the way back to 2003/2004 when Jeffrey Snover was trying to convince folks that Monad (the code name for PowerShell) was a good idea! Lee mentions a number of great resources along the way including AutoIt CmdLets and an Overview on PowerShell as a Hosting Solution. The conversation then turns to the future of PowerShell including tools like Desired State Configuration and OneGet. More PowerShell!


Lee Holmes is a Principal Software Engineer on the PowerShell team, author of the PowerShell Cookbook, PowerShell Pocket Reference, and is a frequent speaker at technical conferences and user groups. He has been blogging about PowerShell since 2005 at http://www.leeholmes.com/blog, and you can find him on Twitter as @Lee_Holmes.

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