How the Cloud Evolved Exchange with Tony Redmond

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So how has the Cloud changed Exchange? And how will those changes affect you? Richard talks to Tony Redmond about the on-going evolution of Exchange, primarily through Microsoft's cloud efforts with Office 365. Running Exchange at massive scale has changed the way Microsoft thinks about many of its products. Tony talks about what happens when an organization starts to move mail to the cloud - an obvious move, but it makes you look at a number of practices around email, especially with attachments. How do you share that information effectively without clogging up your mailbox? And, most importantly, how do you change people's habits with email?


Tony Redmond works as the principal of his own consulting company (Tony Redmond and Associates), helping companies to figure out technology strategy or accomplish specific goals. Apart from his experience gained over a 27-year in Digital. Compaq, and HP (ten as a vice-president), Tony remains a practicing technologist and is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Exchange Server.

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