Policy-Based SQL Server Management with Boris Hristov

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How do you manage your SQL Servers? Richard talks to Boris Hristov about using Policy-Based Management tools in SQL Server. These tools have been in the box since SQL Server 2008, but it's amazing how many folks still don't use them - are you really RDPing into every SQL Server? Hristov talks about using the Policy-Based Management tools to sweep across all of your SQL Servers and check what various settings are at - and change them if you need to! The conversation also digs into creating a Central Management Server to have a repository of all SQL Server instances and make it easy to propagate changes. Finally, if you're ready to step up your SQL management game, take a look at the Enterprise Policy Management Framework, a CodePlex project to do detailed analysis and reporting on your entire SQL Server landscape.


Boris is a SQL Server Consultant and Pluralsight Author from Bulgaria who you can regularly see speaking at conferences all across Europe. He is also training companies and students in the “Art of SQL Server” and loves to share his knowledge online as part of podcasts, webcasts or on his blog – http://borishristov.com/blog/. The fastest way you can reach him is on twitter where he writes under @BorisHristov and you can even join him for a SQLHangout which are video conversations that he hosts with people from the SQL Server community.

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