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Are Public Folders evil? Peter Schmidt says no! Richard chats with Peter about Modern Public Folders that come with Exchange 2013. Treated more like regular mailboxes (only BIGGER), the public folders in Exchange 2013 are much easier for the administrator to handle while being essentially the same as far as the users are concerned. The migration is a bit tricky, but you can do it on-premise as well as to Office 365. Peter has a great video about migrating to 2013 public folders from NICConf. Check it out!


Peter works as an Infrastructure Architect and consultant at Globestream A/S in Denmark. His job is to engage people and companies in evaluating and adopting new technologies and help them plan, design and implement these technologies.

Peter has more than 15 years of experience as an infrastructure architect and consultant, working with Exchange since version 5.0 and the last couple of years has been spent working more with cloud computing technologies, such as Office 365.

His main expertise areas is Microsoft Exchange Server and Office 365, extended with deep knowledge of ADFS, AD, PKI and Lync.

Peter is very active in the community and is the founder of the only Danish Unified Communication User Group: Peter has been rewarded as a Microsoft MVP since July 2007.

Peter has been speaking regularly at Technology Conferences and User Groups throughout his career. He maintains a personal technology blog at: and tweets at


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