Microsoft's SharePoint Move to the Cloud with Jared Shockley

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How does Microsoft use SharePoint? Richard chats with MS IT SharePoint Server owner Jared Shockley about how Microsoft uses SharePoint internally. As it turns out, Jared has been part of the team moving Microsoft SharePoint sites into Office 365 - according to him, 93% of the on-premise sites are now in the cloud! The last 7% represent the tricky bits. Serious customizations are the main issue, and the mechanisms for customizing SharePoint on-premise are very different from SharePoint in Office 365. Jared talks about evaluating projects for rewriting - SharePoint isn't the only choice these days!


Jared Shockley is a 21 year veteran of the IT field working with both small business to large enterprise companies. As of January 2014, he rejoined Microsoft IT in Service Engineering building and improving on-prem SharePoint services as a Senior Service Engineer and later added the role of Service Owner. Prior to this return, his diverse career included delivering IT operations and solutions to mid-size healthcare organization, data center operations, business and systems consulting, web development, and enterprise-focused IT operations management. His areas of knowledge and experience center around web and data systems primarily with IIS, ASP.Net, SharePoint, and SQL Server. Lately, he has been adding Azure cloud services to his repertoire. Along with his role with Service Engineering, he regularly speaks with Microsoft internal employees and customers on the subject of SharePoint Best Practices through the IT Showcase team.

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