Bringing Yammer to your Organization with Chris Poteet

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Does your organization need Yammer? Richard talks to Chris Poteet about the whys and hows of Yammer. The conversation starts out on the why of Yammer - what does this tool bring to the table? There are lots of pseudo-social-media products out there for the enterprise, but they only work if people use them. But Yammer's approach makes it familiar and easy to have conversations within the organization that can be searched and shared. Chris then digs into the install process: There almost isn't one! Totally cloud based, you sign up to Yammer with your business email and things pretty much start happening from there. Check it out!


Chris Poteet works for Portal Solutions crafting enterprise content management solutions for organizations on SharePoint platform. He has a particular interest in collaboration experiences built with dynamic user experiences. Chris graduated in 2006 with a bachelors in Management Information Systems with an emphasis on Information Architecture.

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