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Is ITIL still relevant in a cloud-centric world? Carroll Moon says yes! Richard talks to Carroll about his work building out the service management infrastructure of Office 365 and how those learnings can apply to your organization as it moves to the cloud. Carroll focuses first and foremost on monitoring - until you can see how your applications are operating in real time, other DevOps-type improvements are hard to quantify. And the instrumentation needed should be going down to the client, just monitoring servers is not enough. Getting great monitoring working on your apps means involving development - there's no getting around that. You can read Carroll's entire blog post series on Service Monitoring on Axelos.


Carroll Moon is the Co-Founder and CTO of CloudFit Software, Inc. CloudFit exists to enable velocity of digital transformations. Today, engineering teams have two options: 1) backstop their automation themselves or 2) struggle to evolve their existing operations team to provide the agility and lightweight, automated-backstop-touch that is required. CloudFit provides a third option: enable velocity for the engineering team with the left hand while integrating with the normal operations team with the right hand. Prior to founding CloudFit Software, Carroll spent almost 18 years at Microsoft. Carroll spent ten years as the Director Service Management for Office 365 where he helped build and run operations for Office 365. Most recently at Microsoft, Carroll spent 3.5 years working with Microsoft’s largest global, enterprise customers to help them evolve their own operations teams to support velocity. That experience helped inspire Carroll to found CloudFit Software. CloudFit Software’s provides an easy-button for customers so that they can focus on business velocity while CloudFit Software focuses on innovating modern operations for them.

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