Managing Azure using Powershell with Brian Lewis

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Ready to manage Azure from the command line? While at That Conference in Wisconsin Dells, Richard chatted with Brian Lewis about the PowerShell support available for Azure. Every command and more available in the Azure GUI Dashboard works from PowerShell. Brian talks about the advantages of using scripting to control Azure, creating repeatable, consistent execution plans through scripts for all sorts of configuration changes, including creating new VMs, configuring networking and activating services. Don't use a Word doc to set up your Azure apps - use PowerShell!


Brian Lewis works as an IT Pro Evangelist for Microsoft Corporation in the Midwest, where he focuses on the IT Pro audience in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. He is very passionate about technology and has over 18 years of enterprise IT experience. Brian enjoys working with all computer and networking technologies. He enjoys everything from programming and scripting to working with all types of infrastructure. There just isn’t a technology that isn’t interesting to him. Brian received his Bachelors degree in Management of Information Systems from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. One of Brian’s passions is computer security and he holds the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification among other computer industry certifications.

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