Managing Office 365 Apps with Jeremy Thake

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Have you looked at everything available in an Office 365 subscription? It's easy to stop at Exchange or SharePoint online, but what about the services side of Office 365 including OneDrive for Business and Azure Active Directory Applications. Office 365 is more than just the Office suite in the cloud, there are APIs available to allow developer to build mash-up style applications that integrate with Exchange, SharePoint (both on-prem and cloud) as well as a huge number of third party applications. Jeremy Thake walks through the opportunities for doing overall application installation management from Office 365 - not just Microsoft apps!


Jeremy Thake is a Senior Program Manager in the Microsoft Graph engineering team. He has developed on the Microsoft platform since 1998. He has worked as a developer consultant, VP of Product at large and small ISVs. Jeremy has spoken at conferences, tweeted, blogged and run podcasts for over ten years. In his spare time he's raising his beautiful daughter with his wife in Seattle and screaming at the New York Rangers to shoot the puck.

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