Retrofitting Data Security with Luke Babarinde

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Nobody's data security is perfect, but do you know the security state of your data? Richard chats with Luke Babarinde about his work helping companies secure their data effectively and understand where the risks exist. The rules vary from company to company, and it takes time to education management on what risks exist for data, and ultimately to get feedback on what levels of security are reasonable. Luke talks about how every system is breachable, its just a question of what happens next - how long does it take to detect a breach? How do you limit harm? Lots of great thinking from someone out there in the trenches trying to protect data!


Luke Babarinde is a highly driven professional with proven track record in developing strategic solutions that are designed to facilitate business objectives and protecting critical data through risk based approach. With over fourteen years of experience in delivering high value solution services to businesses around the globe, Luke continues to be engaged as a leader and trusted advisor in developing sustainable security strategy for Fortune 500 companies in healthcare, investment banking and education as well as federal and local governments.

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