Troubleshooting Windows 10 with Mike Halsey

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So what can go wrong with Windows 10 and what do you do about it? Richard chats with Mike Halsey about his experiences troubleshooting Windows 10. Mike talks about driver issues - standard fare for a new version of Windows, especially with the huge number of upgrades. Hardware vendors are not always diligent about getting new drivers made for old hardware, they'd much rather focus on new drivers for new hardware that they can sell. The conversation also digs into badly behaved software and how it can destabilize a system. Mike provides lots of tips and tricks for figuring out what is going on in your system and how to get it back on track.


Mike Halsey is a Microsoft MVP awardee and the author of more than a dozen books on Microsoft Windows, including Troubleshooting Windows 7, Troubleshoot and Optimize Windows 8 and the forthcoming Windows 10 Troubleshooting. He is also author of Beginning Windows 10 and Apress’ new Windows and Windows Server Troubleshooting book series. You can follow Mike on Twitter @PCsupportTV and

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