Digital Resilience with Alan Sharp-Paul

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How can you increase the digital resilience of your organization's systems? Richard chats with Alan Sharp-Paul about exactly what it means to be resilient, starting with knowing when your systems are changing, either intentionally or otherwise. All too often security starts and stops at the edge, which means when a breach happens, the breach is total. Worse yet, as Alan discusses, the organization often doesn't even know there's a breach for months! Resilience really focuses in on being able to deal with security and systems problems with graceful degradation. Without an ability to fail and measure the failure, how can you even know there's a problem?


Alan Sharp-Paul is the Cofounder and Co-CEO of ScriptRock, makers of the cloud based configuration monitoring platform GuardRail. A web developer by trade, he has spent more years than he'd care to admit working in Corporate IT at companies like Expedia, Lloyds and CBA. Whilst based in "the Valley" Alan is far more interested in solving the problems facing SMBs and the Enterprise than he is in getting caught up in the so called bleeding edge.

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