Update Management using IBM BigFix with Andrew Laurence

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How are you managing desktop updates? Richard chats with Andrew Laurence about his work using IBM BigFix to manage updates for Windows and OSX desktop machines. Most update technologies are platform specific, which means in an environment with Windows PC and Macs, you're doing many things twice. Andrew talks about using IBM BigFix to provide a comprehensive update solution, but only if you work with its strengths, rather than insist that it works the way you've always done things. Living in a cross-platform world has its challenges, but it's not optional, and there are tools to make your life easier. Check 'em out!


Andrew Laurence is a systems analyst and sysadmin at the University of California, Irvine. Across his career he has been "the Mac guy", sysadmin for Linux and Solaris, operated an enterprise calendaring system, managed a team of Windows server administrators, provided front-line support for laptop-toting graduate students, and ridden herd on too many enterprise software installations and IT tools to name. He is always interested in the pragmatic use of useful tools.

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